One of my core issues has been re-learning how to slow my body in order to be present to each moment and what arises. Kirsten’s coaching was very helpful in providing insights and practices that were instrumental in my journey out of burn out and back to living with ease. The practices were not always easy – they were, however, just what was needed. I am so grateful.

~ Tana, Canada, Founder and Principal, Tana Heminsley and Associates

Kirsten’s sensitive, intuitive approach to coaching has helped me understand and address places where I have been getting stuck my entire life. She is truly a skilled coach who balances careful prompting with a keen respect of one’s own process. She has consistently guided me to new insight with a natural style that makes a challenging process fun and even energizing.

~ Jerri, California, Program and Marketing Coordinator

Kirsten is thoughtful, patient, and an incredible coach.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in two capacities – via an event for Future Women Leaders and via a private coaching session.  Kirsten hosted “Juggling vs. Balancing” for Future Women Leaders, an event that focused on achieving work/life balance.  Not only did the event pull over 20 attendees, but it contained actionable information.

Kirsten’s coaching session was incredibly powerful.  She helps you break down problems you’re currently facing into manageable pieces.  I was able to walk away from our session knowing what next steps I needed to take to work through them.  And best of all – she genuinely cares about the people she works with!

~ Megan,, California, President of Future Women Leaders

Kirsten is a wonderful guide. She has a real-world sensibility that has helped me see a different way to make things happen in my life. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is when I need it, yet I always feel supported and that I have someone on my side. In our time together, I’ve learned how to work with something challenging in ways that is often useful later on in a different area of my life. Kirsten is warm, funny, alert, caring and real.

~ Dean, California, Founder, A Way Out of No Way

Kirsten is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach who does a great job of really listening, identifying what needs to be worked on, and then empowering you to find solutions and move forward.  She is subtle in her approach, never heavy-handed, yet has a highly intelligent way of communicating, pinpointing the truth and illuminating it.  Kirsten is genuine and really cares about her clients.  She helps me to see things in new ways and I really appreciate her perspective.

~ Rachel, California, Personal Trainer, Founder, Rachel’s Mobile Fitness

I have worked with Kirsten for over 9 months in a coaching relationship. The work has been eye opening and transformational. She is a gifted listener and can cut to the heart of the matter in a skillful way that rebuilds you as a better person. She is a calming guide in the craziness of life happening around us and awakens us to the treasures of each day. Kirsten is an excellent coach.

~ Leslie, Texas, Leadership Consultant

Kirsten put the seeds of “needs” and “desires” into my mind and heart. By exploring these with me she helped me define what is most important in my life. By getting to know my areas of weakness and strength, Kirsten made suggestions of daily rituals that would help me make a shift in my thinking and acting. Kirsten had a wonderful way of drawing out my thoughts and feelings from my inner self through sincere, evoking questions and inquiries. She is a compassionate listener. Her genuine caring personality made me feel safe and assured that she had my best interest at heart. She opened up my mind to a new way of living, she encouraged me to “be” more and I thank her so much for that. My life coaching with Kirsten has extended far beyond the sessions we spent together. I’m taking care of myself better and have a better appreciation for the life that I’m living.

~ Heather, California, Health Coach and Sports Dietitian

Working with Kirsten was as enjoyable as it was helpful. She’s perceptive, insightful and easy to build a rapport with, and I appreciate her holistic and practical approach to coaching. During our sessions, she helped me gain clarity about my goals and create a game plan to achieve them through a process that was useful, eye-opening and even fun.

~ Deborah, California, Author

Of the many things that I learned in my time with Kirsten, I think the most valuable is a profound understanding that change requires action. It seems so simple, but it has made a big difference in my life. I loved working with Kirsten because she’s firm and supportive but never judgmental. This made it easier for me to be open with her.

~ Sean, California, Executive

Kirsten is a fantastic listener, which is an essential skill when working with someone like me. She is able to sit and listen to all of my story telling filled with emotion and fine detail and somehow manage to create bullet points of importance that I could more clearly see. Those bullet points would sometimes repeat themselves from story to story making them painfully evident to me showing me exactly where I need to focus to improve my quality of life. Working with Kirsten helped me to realize how important I am in my big picture of life, which is an element I often overlook. She showed me the importance of me.

~ Heather, California, Executive